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Latest Version: (VT Software1.20)
Firmware V1.00

Date Updated: Aug 23, 2018

License: Software
Support: win10/win8/win7/XP/Mac

VT Software to Upgrade eVic Primo Fit

This VT software is for upgrading your eVic Primo Fit to the latest Firmware Version. Your temperature control device will be always up to date because of upgradeable firmware.

What features for V1.00
Adjustable Timeout Duration
For safety concerns, if you hold the fire button over a certain time, the device will shut down automatically. Press the fire button 5 times to turn it on again.
Due to different vaping habits, you’re allowed to set the timeout duration from 5 to 10 seconds as you prefer. Click the fire button 3 times quickly to enter the menu. Click “+” button once to enter ‘SET’. Click “-”/“+” button to scroll to ‘TIMEOUT’ and click fire button to enter. Click “-”/“+” button to select the duration you want. Click the fire button to confirm.

Check Preheat Status With Ease
We made it easier to check the preheat status. When the preheat function is on, the wattage icon will be turned reversed to indicate that your preheat is now on. The “W” icon will turned back to normal when you turn the preheat function off.

Preheat Function
The eVic Primo Mini comes with the preheat function, allowing to start firing at a high output for a few seconds to warm up. This is especially an essential when using an RDA, RTA, ceramic heads and so on.

Simply long press the fire button and “+” button simultaneously for a few seconds to enter into the menu. When it is flashing, press the “+” button 2 times so that you can set the preheat parameter. Press “-” button first then press the fire button to switch between preheat power and duration. Press “+” or “-” buttons to regulate. Long press the fire button to confirm.

RTC (Real Time Clock) Display
RTC – Real Time Clock enables eVic Primo Fit to present you time in two kinds of method. In general interface, it presents digital clock and analog clock . The screen will display analog clock in standby.

Custom Logo
You can upload custom logos onto your eVic Primo Fit. The logo should be single color bmp. picture with limited 64*40 pixel.
1. Download the latest VT Software for eVic Primo Fit and upgrade your device up-to-date.
2. Upload the logo you prepared until the software shows finished.
3. Click the fire button 3 times quickly to enter the menu. Click “+” button once to enter ‘SET’.
4. Click “-”/“+” button to scroll to ‘Logo’ and click fire button to enter.
4. Select ‘ON’ and click the fire button to confirm, then you’re ready to enjoy it.