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Q : What is the advantage of Ceramic Coil?
A : Main pros:Better Lifespan, Improved flavor, Reduced Spit-Back.
Q : What kind of product is recommended for starters?
A : Starter Kits and POD system are most suitable. For example, eGo series and Teros series.
Q : Why did the electronic cigarette leak after a night?
A : It depends on a number of factors. Please ask our service for detail information.
Q : Can I wash the coil with water?
A : No recommend to do this. Because cleaning coil would not extend its lifespan.
Q : Should I change the coil if want to try another flavor?
A : Recommend to change the coil to enjoy the pure flavor. Otherwise the cotton of old coil contains old juice and it will affect the flavor.
Q : Why the flavor of refillable cartridge changes after filling several times?
A : Because the coil head in cartridge has life limit. When you use several time, the cotton and heating material in coil head will be less effective, even lead to dry hit. So if find losing flavor, It usually means the life of the cartridge will be over soon.
Q : Will the auto-draw device auto-fire in pocket?
A : No, auto draw device is controlled by air sensor. When you exhale on the device, the sensor will detect the airflow and control device to work. So no airflow through the device, no working.
Q : What’s the differences between  MTL. and DL.?
A : MTL is Mouth to Lung, means drawing vapor into the mouth first, allowing it to remain there for seconds, the inhaling that vapor into the lungs with a second breath. DL is Direct Lung, means inhaling vapor directly into the lungs with one single breath. The biggest difference is airflow. DL requires more airflow than MTL.
Q : How long is your warranty period?
A : 90 days.
Q : What Does Check Atomizer Mean?
A : Check atomizer or No atomizer:The device does not detect an atomizer (The resistance of coil >3.5ohm). It is open circuit issue and cannot work.
Q : What Does Weak battery Mean?
A : Weak Battery: In VW/TC mode, when the device installed with an atomizer is working and find the voltage of the cell is below 2.9V, the device shows “WEAK BATTERY”. Meanwhile, the output power will be reduced accordingly to extend battery life.(This 2.9V is reference value, which varies slightly from different type of devices.)
Q : What Does Atomizer Short or weak battery Mean?
A : Atomizer Short-circuit Protection: When detect the resistance of coil<0.02ohm and lead to short circuit problem, the device will show this information and cannot not work. (This 0.02ohm is reference value, which varies slightly from different type of devices.)
Q : How long does a coil last?
A : Normal coil head can be used around one week.
Q : Where to buy the products of Joyetech?
A : For end users: Now Joyetech doesn’t support retailing sales, if you want to buy our products, kindly please visit to know more about our products at first. We have listed many registered distributors on: can select a suitable one for y…
Q : How to cooperate with Joyetech?
A : If you want to cooperate with Joyetech, please send email to [email protected] with related information( location, target market, products you are interested in, quantity, business type(online-sale or offline-sale) Please notice: 1.We don’t accept drop shipping and we have MOQ limit(usually 100). 2. We have excl…
Q : Can e-cigs lead a smoking cessation?
A : It is not to be used as a form of nicotine replacement therapy and is not intended for use as a smoking cessation device.
Q : How to use serial number to check authenticity of your products?
A : There is an anti-false label on the package. The security code needs you to scratch. Then enter your security code here to see whether you bought original Joyetech electronic cigarette or not. If the product is original, our system will show you the relev…
Q : What is VV, VW, RVV and RVW mode?
A : VV Mode: VV comes from Variable Voltage, it is to say different vapors are available as the output voltage increasing or decreasing. The higher the voltage is, the larger the output current is, so the heavier the vapor that an atomizer will produce. VW Mode: VW comes from Variable Wattage, it is to say different vapors…