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Pub offers smokers an electronic cigarette (25/09/2008 : 14:34:27)

Smokers who dislike lighting-up outside can buy an innovative device being offered in a Birmingham pub.

The Butler's Arms, in Sutton Coldfield, decided to sell electronic cigarettes before winter sets in so pub-goers can legally "smoke" inside.

Becky Giles, assistant manager of the pub, is hoping that the E.Cigs will prove popular with her smoking customers.

"It is just like a real cigarette but without all the bad elements. We thought this could be the perfect solution, especially with the winter coming up," she said.

"There is no harm to other people in the bar as no smoke is given out, just water vapour, and there is no smell like with a real cigarette."

Devices are battery powered and contain a liquid capsule which is broken down and inhaled.

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