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Joyetech Official Statement of eVic-VT Battery Capacity
Due to the recent events in the social media, we had many inquiries regarding the true battery mAh capacity in our eVic VT device. We would like to make a public statement to sort out the confusion. The battery pack in the eVic VT is rated at 5,000 mAh. The discrepancy started when someone took apart our battery pack to expose the 3 individual battery cells were labeled at 1,500 mAh. This was a mistake by one of our battery suppliers. The individual batteries were tested with a 30A discharge, which rated the batteries at 1,500 mAh per piece. However the complete battery packs were tested with Nominal Capacity (0.2C discharge), which will rate each battery at 1,670 mAh to make 5,010 mAh for the complete battery pack. Joyetech wants to apologize for this confusion. The battery manufacture will start labeling the individual batteries at 1,670 mAh.

In addition, we will take extra steps in making sure that these types of technical specifications will not be overlooked as we understand that these may be very important or critical to some of our users. Again, thank you for supporting our brand and rest assured that we will continuously improve our products for the benefit of the vaping community. We also would like to take the time to acknowledge all the concerned individuals that challenge our brand. Please know that we always take your comments, opinions, or suggestions positively so that we can improve our brand and meet your needs.

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