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Brewery to allow black and blue e-cigarettes

SMOKERS will be allowed to use a new black and blue electronic cigarette on Heron and Brearley premises.
The e-cigarette, a white battery-operated tobacco-free cigarette which produces steam vapour instead of smoke and glows red at the tip when inhaled, has been promoted as a legal way to side-step the new smoking ban.

But earlier this month the largest brewery in the Island decided to ban these look-a-like cigarettes from their premises for fear they would spark conflict and confusion.

As a result of the decision, Jason Cropper, a director of The Electronic Cigarette Company UK Ltd, said: 'We have now looked at manufacturing different colours and already have a pink version available.

'However, that still glows red at the end when people inhale so we have developed a black cigarette which has a blue light on the end.'

He added: 'I can't imagine there will be any problems with members of staff or other smokers differentiating between a real cigarette and one that is black with a blue light. We want to get our product accepted in premises and this should stamp out any concerns of the breweries.'

In reply, managing director of Heron and Brearley, Grant Paterson stated: 'I don't see it being a problem if it is quite clear that they are not real cigarettes.'

He added: 'If it is easier for our staff to recognise it as an artificial product we would be much happier to allow their use in our premises.'

E-cigarette user Mike Brennan said: 'That's great. It just means that people don't have to be alienated outside pubs. We can go inside and we are not harming anyone else. We just want the option.'

Without most of the 4,000 harmful chemicals produced by burning tobacco, the cigarettes are marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

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