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Introduction:eCom is a new generation of Joyetech products. It has two modes, VV and VW, respectively adjusting the voltage and wattage. The upper air inlet and outlet eliminate the likelihood of leakage. In addition, high voltage, high output and large vapor are all available on eCom due to its new atomizer C2 head.
Apart from the prvious models (i.e. black eCom and silver eCom), the latest model-space gray eCom, has been launched too.
Single Pack:

*2 × Mouthpiece
*1 × Atomizer Tube
*2 × Atomizer C2 Head
*1 × Power Supply
*1 × USB Cable
*1 × Wall Adapter
*1 × Special Tool
*3 × Mouthpiece Case
*3 × USB Port Cover
*1 × Mouthpiece Connect
*1 × Manual & Warranty Card
eCom Atomizer is the core of eCom. High voltage, high output and large vapor are all available on eCom due to its new atomizer C2 head. It remains the transparent e-juice window. And the upper air inlet and outlet eliminate the likelihood of leakage.

Diameter: 14mm
Length: 76mm (including mouthpiece)
Liquid capacity: 1.5ml
Transparent e-juice window
From the transparent window, the e-juice is visible so that you can refill the e-juice in time to ensure perfect vapor.
No leakage
Due to the upper air inlet, the air inflow and outflow from upside, so eCom will never suffer from leakage at the bottom.

Adjustable air inflow
The air inlet valve in the atomizer enables the air inflow to be varied by certain tool. Different air inflow creates different vapor experience.
Liquid filling
Unscrew the mouthpiece and on the atomizer tube you can see an inlet located on the opposite of the air inlet valve. Simply pour the e-juice into the inlet to accomplish filling.
To adjust the air inflow
For the function of adjustable air inflow, we specially designed a tool to assist the operation of eCom. Using the small top side of the tool, you can adjust the directions of air inlet so as to realize different draws.
When the inlet is placed as:
Picture 1, it means you should vape in heavy draw, just like the eGo-T and eGo-C.
Picture 2,you can vape in normal draw.
Picture 3,the inlet is the largest state, so you can vape with easy draw, like the eGo-CC.
Newly designed atomizer C2 head
The atomizer C2 head is newly designed, with the resistance of 2.4 ohm whose max on-load voltage could be 4.5V, so it can work under high voltage. It is immersed in the e-juice while using, which allows heavy vapor in a short time. Also, it will prevent vaping once e-juice runs out, which lengthens the service life as well.
Atomizer head replacement
Use the special tool that we provide in the package to unscrew out the atomizer base counterclockwise, then unscrew the atomizer head clockwise and pull it out.
Do not unscrew it too loose, or else it will get stuck in the silicone.
1. Screw the atmoizer head on the atomizer tube when assembling, not plug it in.
2. Do unscrew the atmoizer head along one direction when disassembling.
Show me power!
The high-capacity and high-magnification lithium battery is applied to eCom. This makes eCom possible to be used for a considerably long time.

1000mAh high-safety,
high-capacity, high-magnification and high-stability
lithium battery dedicated to eCom.

Parameter:Diameter: 14mm Length: 95.5mm/117.5mm Capacity: 650mAh/1000mAh
Unique battery thread
eCom atomizer adopts the peculiar thread, connnecting exclusively to eCom battery in a brand new fashion. Besides, eCom battery is not compatible with other atomizers either.
Double modes
eCom has two modes that respectively decide the output voltage and wattage, VV mode and VW mode. The regulation ring at the bottom can be rotated to adjust the voltage and wattage under corresponding mode.
Keep pressing the button, the mode light will
switch between VV and VW every four seconds.
USB Charging Port
This is the first time we set USB charging
port on such a slim battery.
Brushed metal button
eCom is made of brushed metal, which makes eCom look full of texture. Also, it is quite good to the touch.
Dedicated light band

The button light is equipped at the side of the button. With the light band, eCom is much beautiful while using.
Mouthpiece connect

You can use the mouthpiece connect to assemble eCom with pluggable mouthpiece.

Such as the eGo-CC mouthpiece.