WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.
eGo ONE atomizer, with 3 transparent windows, is assembled with eGo ONE Atomizer Head, which boasts two choices of coils with the resistance of 0.5 ohm or 1.0ohm.
eGo ONE atomizer:
Size: 19.0mm*25.5mm
Capacity: 1.8/2.5ml
Color: Silver


eGo ONE atomizer head:
Height: 25.5mm
Diameter: 19mm
Resistance: 0.5/1.0ohm
eGo ONE atomizer
A ring on the atomizer base to
adjust the airflow
Two choices of coils with the resistance of 0.5 ohm or 1.0ohm
Two choices of atomizer capacity of 1.8ml or 2.5ml
Three transparent windows
eGo ONE Mouthpiece
metal mouthpiece and organic glass mouthpiece to choose, with thermal insulation, cater to personal preference.
How to Assemble
1.Screw the eGo ONE atomizer head onto the eGo ONE atomizer base along the clockwise.
2.Screw the base onto the eGo ONE atomizer tube along the counterclockwise.
3.Plug on the replaceable mouthpiece.
E-juice filling

Separate the atomizer from the battery and inject the liquid directly into the cambered slot.

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