WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.
Great throat hit, one heck of a cooling sensation makes Herbal flavor a staple for menthol lovers everywhere. One inhale and it’ll be like winter in your mouth.
A clear unique menthol flavor with a hint of delightfully sweetness.It offers a refreshing coolness after vaporing.The coolness is relatively gentle.
Revitalize all your senses with the amazing flavor of our menthol-11# E-liquid.With strong coolness,tender sweetness and tobacco-like fragrance.It will cheer up your body all day long.
A pure and authentic mint flavor.One drop will cheer you up down to your soul.It creats the cool sensation around you when vaporing.
Mint Tobacco
Mint tobacco E-liquid offers subtle mint flavor with a slight coffee aroma.It is a great choice for"tender mint" smokers still seeking substantial throat hit.
Ice Menthol
Our Ice Mnethol E-liquid is smooth,aromatic with right sweetness and gentle bitterness.The cool passion in ervery drop makes you relaxed and happy after a tired day.
Natural peppermint aroma,cool and rich.
Sweet mint
Fresh and cool mint mixs with smooth sweetness.No reason to refuse it.
Strong cinnamon flavor with smooth and spice taste.The vapor is plump and abundant.
Rich vanilla fragrance embeded with aromatic milk rhyme.The taste is smooth with a subtle sweetness in it.
A classical D-mint flavor with faint tobacco fragrance and green tea aroma.The flavor is also enriched with gentle cool and fresh taste.
Mint-type tobacco flavvor.Exquisite tobacco fragrance enhanced by cool mint notes,it is refreashing and comfortable.
SAM Mint
Our SAM E-liquid is based on rich and piump tobacco aroma,perfectly blend with fresh and cool mint,extermely harmonious and elegant.

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