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Product Introduction: eMode is named after its feature of multi-mode in function and simple mode in appearance. It boasts a newly designed atomizer head, which is the second generation of Joyetech atomizer head. The 360-degree regulation makes it possible for users to adjust the voltage and wattage output. eMode also offers a variable output which changes as you puff. In addition, eMode allows you to access information about your vaping habits by connecting with MVR software.
Standard Configuration:
*2 × eMode Mouthpiece
*1 x eMode Atomizer Body
*2 x eMode C2 Atomizer Head
*1 x eMode Control Head
*1 x eMode Tube
*1 x eMode Power Supply
*1 x USB Cable
*1 x Wall Adaptor
*1 x eMode Manual
Product Parameters:
Diameter: 18.0mm
Length: 190.5mm
eMode atomizer C2 head is the best solution for variable batteries. So it will achieve the maximum performance of eMode. And also, its service lift will be longer.
Instead of traditional C head, which is filled e-juice by the cartridge, atomizer C2 head is surrounded by the e-juice in the atomizer tube. The e-juice inflows at a constant high speed, so eMode will vapor faster. In addition, it will prevent vaporizing once e-juice runs out.
eMode Atomizer
There is an air inlet valve on the eMode atomizer, from where you can regulate the air inflow by using a small screwdriver so as to set your desired vaping draw.
When the inlet is turned to the upside, it means you should vape in heavy draw, just like the eGo-T and eGo-C. And when it is turned to the underside, the inlet is the largest state, so you can vape with easy draw, like the eGo-CC.
If it is turned in the middle (both on the right or the left), you can vape in normal draw.
Transparent liquid window: The e-juice volume is quite clear in the visual window, which reminds you to add e-juice in time, so that you can have best taste all the time and can protect the atomizer as well.
Special tool
For the function of adjustable air inflow, we specially designed a tool to assist the operation of eMode. Using the small top side of the tool, you can adjust the directions of air inlet so as to realize different draws.
E-juice Filling
Unscrew the eMode atomizer top cap and you will see two inlets on the atomizer. Simply pour the e-juice into the atomizer inlets.
eMode Control Head
there are four modes of eMode. With VV and VW modes, the voltage and wattage could be adjusted individually by turning the 360-degree power regulation ring. Besides, the RVV and RVW (RVW1, RVW2, RVW3) modes could record the certain data of variable voltage or wattage, which allows you to enjoy different favors.
VV mode or VW mode, the voltage output or wattage output could be adjusted individually by turning the 360-degree regulation ring.
RVV mode allows variable voltage output when you vape.
RVW mode contains three settings: RVW1, RVW2 and RVW3. Each mode records a certain data of variable wattage output.
When the remaining battery charge is 60% or above, the corresponding mode indicator light will stay on. When the battery power is within 30%-59%, the indicator light flashes slowly.
Within 10%-29%, the indicator light flashes in normal speed. Within 0%-9%, the indicator light flashes in high frequency.
Indications: all the modes will be indicated by the mode lamps, and different using states will be showed by the button light or the mode lamps as well, such as charging, battery capacity, warning, protection, etc.
Compatible with MVR software: eMode is available on the MVR software, just like the eVic, you can set your specific flavors, upload them to share with other users, or download from others to gain new experience.
Model: SANYO 16650
2100mAh high-safety, extra large capacity, and high-stability dedicated lithium battery.