€ 18.00
● Length: 75mm
● Weight: 27.0g
● 650mAh high-safety, high-capacity, high-magnification and high-stability dedicated lithium battery

Universal accessories:
● 510, 510-T, eGo, eGo-T, eGo-C atomizers
Internally installed charging chips with Mini-USB port on the bottom based on the eGo-C standard battery and charging battery through USB charge cable connected with USB port of the computer or wall charger.
Special features of Joye eGo-C battery: The Joye eGo-C battery is a new power display battery.
The battery LED displays different colors when the battery power changes.
It has strengthened short circuit protection and over discharge protection based on eGo-T batteries
and there is a device inside to prevent overcharging.
1. The protection switch has the lock/unlock function, making it safer and easier to use and this can prevent accidental battery discharge when not in use.

2. Battery can be easily charged with the assorted USB chargers and there are various chargers for your choices.

3. Screw battery into the hole on the atomizer and gently push the tank cartridge into the atomizer, then it's ready for use.

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