€ 34.90
A brand-new atomizer
A brand-new atomizer with all stainless steel construction.
C3 atomizer head
Boasts three coils with the resistance of 1.4ohm, which ensures the large amount of vapor under high voltage(3.5V-6.0V), being compatible with most high-wattage batteries.
Up to 6V/25.7W when assembled with eVic - supreme Huge amount of vapor
Delta 23 mouthpiece is made of POM plastic,
owning the properties of high strengh,
high rigidity and heat resisting.

Standard configuration:
1× Delta 23 Mouthpiece
1× Delta 23 Atomizer Tube
2× C3 Atomizer Head
1× Delta 23 Atomizer Base
Adjustment of air inflow 360°
Rotating the ring on the atomizer base clockwise or counterclockwise(360°) to adjust the inlet valve. There are four holes on the atomizer tube, and they respectively represent the different air inflow, from small to large.
How to Assemble

1. Screw the C3 atomizer head onto the Delta 23 atomizer base along the clockwise.
2. Screw the base onto the Delta 23 atomizer tube along the counterclockwise.
3. Plug on the replaceable mouthpiece.
Liquid filling

1. Unscrew the atomizer tube from the Delta 23 base.
2. Refill e-Liquid into the hole from the bottom along the inwall of the tube.

(Attention: Please do not refill the e-liquid into the small hole in the center of the atomizer tube.)

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