Joye eRoll – Technical Specifications
  Technical Specification(eRoll)
  Color  Black, White , Silver
  Capacity  90mAh
  Total length  93mm
  Diameter  Φ8.6mm
  Weight  10.33g
  Cartridge  Length: 35mm
 Diameter: Φ8.6mm
 Weight: 0.81g
 Capacity: 0.4ml
 Puff number: 70
  Atomizer  Length: 20mm
 Weight: 2.67g
  Battery  Length: 54mm
 Weight: 6.85g
 Charging time: 40min
 Capacity: 90mAh
 Puff number: 70
 Test condition: each puff lasts 3 seconds and 5 seconds between each puff
 Charging current:  ≤  200mA
  PCC  Color: black,white
 Length: 108mm
 Width: 48mm
 Thickness: 18mm
 Weight: 130g
 Capacity: 1000mAh
 Input voltage: 5V
 Charging time: 3H – 3.5H
eRoll kits comes with:
1* atomizer cone
2* atomizer head
2* battery
3* eRoll cartridge
1* eRoll USB charger
1* eRoll wall charger
1* eRoll portable charging case
1* eRoll manual

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