Joye eMode – Technical Specifications
  Technical Specification (eMode)
  Length  190.5mm
  Diameter  18mm
  Weight  Lithium Battery included  138.8g
 Lithium Battery not included  98.3g
  Color  Silver, Black
  Lithium Battery Specification  SANYO 16650 2100mAh
  Charging Time  5h
eMode is named after its feature of multi-mode in function and simple mode in appearance. It boasts a newly designed atomizer C2 head, which is the second generation of Joyetech atomizer head. The 360-degree regulation makes it possible for users to adjust the voltage and wattage output. eMode also offers a variable output which changes as you puff. In addition, eMode allows you to access information about your vaporizing habits by connecting with MVR software.

Standard configuration:
2*eMode Mouthpiece
1*eMode Atomizer
2*eMode Atomizer C2 Head
1*eMode Control Head
1*eMode Tube
1*eMode Power Supply
1*USB Cable
1*Wall Adaptor
1*eMode Manual

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