eGo ONE Mini – Technical Specifications
  Technical Specification (eGo ONE Mini)
  Color  Sliver, Black, Water Blue, Hot Pink
  Length  Atomizer  53.7 mm
 Battery  60.5mm
  Diameter  16.5mm
  Weight  Atomizer  30g
 Battery  36.4g
  Atomizer capacity  1.8ml
  Lithium Battery Specification  850mah
  Charging time  1.5h (1A Adaptor)
eGo ONE Mini is only 16mm in diameter, and about 109mm in length with 850mAh large battery capacity. Its exquisite appearance is incredible. As the tinier version of eGo ONE, ONE Mini retains all the functions, which also supports not only 1.0 ohm atomizer head for mouth inhale and 0.5 ohm atomizer head for lung inhale, but also CLR atomizer head.
Standard configuration
1 * eGo ONE Mini Mouthpiece
1 * eGo ONE Mini Atomizer Tube
2 * eGo ONE CL Atomizer Head (0.5/1.0ohm)
1 * eGo ONE Mini Atomizer Base
1 * eGo ONE Mini battery

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