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 Joye eGo-C – Technical Specifications
  Technical Specification (eGo-C)
  Color  Cherry, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, White, Titanium, Black, Pink, Brassy, Silver
  Model eGo-C eGo-C USB
  Capacity 650mAh 900mAh 1000mAh 650mAh 900mAh 1000mAh
  Total length 133mm 148mm 158mm 146mm 161mm 171mm
  Diameter  Φ14.0mm
  Weight A:41.9g/B:42.7g A:47.9g/B:48.7g A:49.8g/B:50.6g A:45.3g/B:46.1g A:51.8g/B:52.6g A:53.5g/B:54.3g
  Cartridge  Length  44mm
 Diameter  A:Φ11.0mm/B:Φ14.0mm
 Weight  A:1.5g/B:2g
 E-liquid capacity  A:1.0g/B:2.0g
 Puff number  A:180/B:320
  Atomizer  Length  43mm
 Weight  A:13.5g/B:13.8g
  Battery  Length 75mm 90mm 100mm 88mm 103mm 113mm
 Weight 26.5g 32.9g 34.8g 30g 36.8g 38.5g
 Charging time 2.5H 3.5H 4H 2.5H 3.5H 4H
 Puff number 520 720 800 520 720 800
 test condition: each puff lasts 3 seconds and 5 seconds between each puff
 Charging current  ≤ 420mA
eGo-C kits comes with:
2* eGo-C atomizer
5* eGo-C cartridge
2* eGo-C battery
1* eGo-C wall charger
1* eGo-C USB charger
1* eGo-C pouch
1* eGo-C user manual

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