Joye eCab – Technical Specifications
  Technical Specification (eCab)
  Color  Black , Rose , White , Pink , Silver
  Capacity  360mAh
  Total length  360mAh
  Diameter  11mm
  Weight  29.7g
  Cartridge  Length  44mm
 Diameter  11mm
 Weight  1.3g
 Capacity  1.2ml
 Puff number  200
  Atomizer  Length  32mm
 Weight  5.5g
  Battery  Length  79mm
 Weight  22.9mm
 Charging time  2h
 Capacity  360mAh
 Puff number  340
 test condition: each puff lasts 3 seconds and 5 seconds between each puff
 Charging current  ≤  210mA
eCab kits comes with:
1* eCab atomizer cone
2* eCab atomizer head
1* eCab battery housing
2* eCab rechargeable battery
2* eCab cartridge
1* eCab charger adaptor
1* eCab USB battery charger
1* eCab user manual

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