Joye Delta II Technical Specifications
Technical Specification (Delta II)
Length 70.5mm
Diameter 22mm
Weight (with Standard Head) Mouthpiece not included 58.2g
Mouthpiece included 62.8g
LVC atomizer head also has another two choices for you to go with Variable Temperature(VT) Control System of evic-VT. They are LVC-Ti(Titanium) and LVC-Ni(Nickel 200, respectively supporting VT-TI(Titanium)/VT-NI(Nickel200) modes
LVC-Ni (Nickel 200)

Diameter of Ni: 0.25mm

Resistence: 0.3Ω

Temperature recommended: 500-550℉

Summit Wattage: 60W

LVC-Ti (Titanium)

Diameter of Ti: 0.4mm

Resistence: 0.5Ω

Temperature recommended: 450-500℉

Summit Wattage: 60W

Liquid volume 3.5ml
Standard configuration:
1× Delta Ⅱ Mouthpiece
1× Delta Ⅱ Tube
1× Delta Ⅱ Base
2× Delta II LVC head(0.5ohm)

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