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Q:  What is the over-charged protection?
A: 1.When the voltage arrive 4.2V, it disconnect automatically. 2. Continue charging 11 hours , it disconnect automatically. So for the discharged battery , we need to unplug it to finish the charging.
Q:  Why do we get a burnt taste of eVic?
A: 1. The cartridge is filled up over 90% full, and because of some kind of mechanics, e-liquid gets in a little harder. Please keep the liquid in the right level. 2. The atomizer is brand new and is completely dry. Please inhale 2-3times without pressing the battery button to let e-liquid get in or drip 2-3 tips l..
Q:  Why your device leaks?
A:  1. When the liquid level goes below 10%, the remaining liquid may leak out. The reason is the tank cartridge use surface tension in its design. 2. Please avoid frequent removal of the tank cartridge. Only remove it when the liquid is depleted or otherwise deemed necessary. The reason for this is that the s…
Q:  How to refill a cartridge?
A:  If you are using our dedicated e-liquid bottle, you just need plug the tip of e-liquid bottle into the hole on the bottom of the cartridge and fill e-liquid into cartridge. If the bottle you use doesn’t have a tip, maybe you can use syringe.
Q:  Why it displays “atomizer short” or “no atomizer found”?
A: Because of the technology distinction, some of other branded atomizers are incompatible with Joyetech standard thread, and this may cause evic can’t detect atomizers. Meanwhile, after using for a period time, the dirty accumulated in eVic thread also may lead to this problem. Therefore, we recommend you select Joye…
Q:  “…My Vapor RecordHEXCode.bin Open error”
A:  Error during eVic firmware upgrading. This is because the MVR cannot recognize “code.bin” file. Please make sure that there is an upgrade file named “code. bin” in the HEX folder under the root directory of MVR software.
Q:  Has not found the hardware equipment.
A:  If your PC can’t detect eVic, there may be several reasons: 1. The USB cable or USB port problem Solution: change USB cable or USB port 2. eVic internal program has been corrupted. Solution: use safe mode to reinstall the eVic firmware; 3. MVR…
Q:  How do I use the pass-through function?
A: The eVic has two modes when the USB cable is plugged in. If plugged into non-data power source, the eVic will begin charging with pass-through enabled. If the eVic recognizes that data transfer is possible, it defaults into a data transfer connection that still allows charging but not pass-through. In this case the …
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