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Q:  The resistance of my atomizer head is lower than 0.1 ohm. Why can’t I adjust the output wattage to 60W in temperature control mode?
A: In VT mode, when the resistance is 0.05~0.1ohm, the maximum output will be limited to be 50W to ensure safe operation.
Q:  If the resistance of Kanthal wire is lower than 0.25 ohm, can the output wattage reach 60W?
A:  For Kanthal Wire whose resistance range is 0.15-0.24ohm, the actual output wattage can only reach to 50W~55W to ensure safe operation .
Q:  Is it necessary to drop some e-juice before using a new VT atomizer head?
A:  When using a new VT atomizer head, please drip a few drops of e-juice in the cotton of atomizer head to ensure it is moist before the first use to reach the best performance.
Q:  What is Variable Temperature Control System?
A: Working under high power enables the atomizer to reach the set temperature at a rapid speed. Under different temperature conditions, you can experience different tastes and atomization effects.
Q:  What’s the fittest temperature?
A: It depends on the liquid, the resistance and the material of atomizer head you choose. Generally, it is suggested to start from 230℃。And then you can find the fittest temperature for yourself by increasing or decreasing it.
Q:  Why the temperature cannot be raised up as fast as before sometimes ?
A: If redundant e-juice piles up around the coil, then sometimes the coil may cannot reach protection temperature when in use. Please press the fire button and blow out redundant e-juice through airflow holes if this issue occurs.
Q:  Why does eVic-VT may have some slightly ticking sound and continuous high-frequency buzz during the usage?
A: eVic-VT has some characteristic sounds in operation. These sounds are very low in volume, and can typically only be detected by holding the device close to the ear. eVic-VT boost circuit inductor emits a continuous high-frequency buzz, and the switching system that detects atomizer resistance produces an intermittent ticking noise rather like that of a quartz watch. These noises are normal, and should not cause concern in any device that is otherwise functioning normally. When the device goes into standby after a period of 3 minutes without use, or if the power button is pressed 5 times, all such noises will immediately cease.
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