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Q:  Can we vapor while eMode is charging?
A: Yes, you can enjoy your vapor time without hesitation. If the device displays low power, please charge the device for half hour, then continue to use it as normal.
Q:  Why does eMode have a power failure after hit?
A: eMode battery is connected with end cap through spring. When suffering hit, spring will stretch. This may cause the battery to lose connection instantly, and system will shut down.
Q:  How do I update the eMode Menu?
A: For updating, please download lastest MVR1.4, unzip and install the program. Be sure that the USB cable is well connected between computer and the device when you upgrade the eMode.
Q:  Upgraded process stopped with a read error.
A: When you encounted this kind of error. You can enter safe mode to upgrade it again. Separate the control head from battery tube, keep pressing the button and then connect it (the control head) to your computer. Usually MVR can recognize the device and at this time, release the button, then you are able to upgrade eMode firmware to the MVR1.4. Once upgraded successfully, it should come back to normal.
Q:  How to improve the leakage of eMode?
A: If your PC can’t detect eMode, there may be several reasons: 1. The USB cable or USB port problem Solution: change USB cable or USB port, or change another computer. 2. eMode internal program has been corrupted. Solution: use safe mode to reinstall the eMode firmware; 3. MVR program has been corrupted …
Q:  The eCom battery and atomizer are well, but can’t draw anything when smoking…
A: Kindly please re-assemble the C2 atomizer head and tighten it.
Q:  How do I experience the Bluetooth function?
A: First, you should download the myVapors APP on the mobile, then open the Bluetooth function both on the battery and mobile; last simply search the battery signal on the APP.
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