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Q:  How do people know that the eGrip is fully charged?
A: The button light will flash 5 times and continuously flashing when eGrip is being charged through usb port and will go out when eGrip is fully charged.
Q:  How can we clean the liquid tank inside eGrip?
A:  You can use cotton cloth or the cotton swabs to dry it through the injection hole.
Q:  Are there any other kinds of atomizer head that can be used in eGrip?
A: The CS atomizer head has the unique construction that is different with other atomizer heads, so only CS atomizer head can be used in eGrip.
Q:  There is a leakage from the mouthpiece of eGrip.
A: Kindly please check if the atomizer head is screwed in tightly. The connecting part of atomizer head may become loose during shipping period so you’d better check if every part is screwed tightly before use.
Q:  Why does the button light of my eGrip flash three times and then eGrip stops working?
A: The button light will flash 3 times and then eGrip will stop output automatically when the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V during working. The button light will flash 40 times and then eGrip will turn off itself when the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V before working. Kindly please check if the battery is out of power and remember to charge device timely.
Q:  How to refill the liquid?
A: Firstly please put eGrip upside down(make the mouthpiece side point to ground), since the tank is built-in and can not be removed. Open the lid of the injection hole, slowly refill e-liquid into the tank.
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