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Q:  How to fill in the eGo-CC?
A: Please do as follow picture to avoid leaking problem.
Q:  If the new C2 atomizer head will be compatible with the eGo-CC tank?
A:  Sorry it can’t be compatible with the eGo-CC tank
Q:  How to get out the dilemma when the atomizer head leave in the tube?
A:  If you screw the base excessively, the atomizer head might leave in the tube just as the picture shows. Please do as the following steps to solve this problem. 1. Screw the base onto the tube again for about two rotations …
Q:  Why your device leaks?
A: 1.When the liquid level goes below 10%, the remaining liquid may leak out. The reason is the tank cartridge use surface tension in its design. 2. Please avoid frequent removal of the tank cartridge. Only remove it when the liquid is depleted or otherwise deemed necessary. The reason for this is that the size of the hole in the tank cartridge can increase with normal wear and tear. This causes leaking and requires a new cartridge at that time. 3. Every user has different smoking habit. With your each time inhaling, the liquid may be not fully atomized which result in leakage. We kindly suggest you’d better push the button 3 to 4 seconds to ensure the liquid is fully atomized while inhaling. 4. Kindly please clean up the leakage part and the condensate liquid in the connection place between mouthpiece and tube carefully before use or take good care of the device.
Q:  Why do you get a burnt taste?
A: 1.The cartridge is filled up over 90% full, and because of some kind of mechanics, e-liquid gets in a little harder. Please keep the liquid in the right level. 2. The atomizer is brand new and is completely dry. Please inhale 2-3 times without pressing the battery button to let e-liquid get in. or drop 2-3 drips on the atomizer head.
Q:  What kind of the battery are suitable for ego-cc atomizer?
A:  The ego-cc atomizer are suitable for ego-c , ego-t, ego-c upgrade , and ego-c twist etc . But it is better that the voltage do not exceed 3.8 V.
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