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  1.1 eVic V1.1 Update
Following user's feedback for eVic V1.0, we developed eVic V1.1 For eVic V1.1, we add real VW adjustment, atomizer real time detection, fast VV/VW adjustment. Meanwhile, considering chip and safety issues, we set a limit to the output power.
Dec 21, 2012
  1.0 eVic V1.0 Update
Focusing on technology and vaping, eVic V1.0 is a start to Joyetech's creation of mods with smart performance. You can check atomizer resistance, the temperature of device and more functions; even you can set voltage, wattage...
Nov 26, 2012
  Reset eVic Factory reset code
When the factory default of eVic is damaged and cannot upgrade normally, e.g. missing information, unstable operation. please use the reset program to reboot factory setting firstly.
Dec 22, 2012
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