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Version: myVapors
Post Date: Aug 28, 2014
License: Software
File Size: 4.62MB
Support: win7/XP
Operatiog System Select:
Compatiable with eVic surpreme, eVic and eMode
myVapors is now compatible with the eVic supreme, eVic and eMode of Joyetech. The software supports language of English and it is really cool, fun and easy to use. It is likely that all e-cigarettes will be developed based on similar software in the future. In the new surface, three big areas are included, Vaporing Record, vapor Setting and Configuration. With it, you can enjoy more functions such as set HomeScr Boot Logo and Screen Saver. You can set or modify a password in this new software for your eVic supreme. More functions and fun come together with myVapors.

myVapors upgrades introduction:
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