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Version: 1.4 Multi-L
Post Date: Sep 16, 2013
License: Software
File Size: 5.70MB
Support: Mac/win7/XP
Operatiog System Select:
Multi-language MVR V1.4
Compatiable with eVic and eMode
MVR V1.4 lasts the feature of multi-language, besides the 5 languages it already has, it is added a new language, Greek. In addition, it is added more practical functions.

1.Backup Settings and Import Settings from PC functions help to backup the data of settings in the computer and to import the data into the ecig, which allows different data in different devices.
2.Reset function is to reset data and settings in ecig, including options of normal (reset settings) and factory (reset to factory status).
3.In HomeScr, both sides contain puff time, date time, V/W ohm battery, alarm time and alarm puff six options, you can select one item on each side.
4.Inverse function is to inverse color of LED to improve outdoor display.
5.Energy, the parameter for evaluation and statistics, which shows better overview of the vapor data.

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