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Version: 1.0
Post Date: Nov 26, 2012
License: Update
File Size: 65KB
System Requirements
The eVic
Operatiog System Select:
eVic V1.0 Update

Directly on the status screen:
Battery condition than 10% plus segment display value
Current puff number & remaining puff number until the end of battery
Current voltage which can be adjustable from 3.0V~5.0V

Using the menu also adjustable or at:
Power on (Click 5 times to start)
Sleep Mode (Locks the device)
Power off (Complete shutdown)

Power set
Battery (Select battery capacity: 2200 or 2600 mAh)
Output (Set output power: default wattage is 5.2)

Screen (Select your screen time out: 15S, 30S, 1Min, 2Min)
System (Select your system time out: 3Min, 5Min,10Min,30Min,60Min)

Show time
Set time
Set date
Set year

Puff info
Set Puff ( Set amount of allowable draws)
Reset Puff (Reset the amount of draws)
Total Puff ( Show the total amount of draws)

Atomizer Ω (Show atomizer resistance)
Temp ℃ (Show the temperature of the device)
User info (Set your personal information by MVR software)
series No (Show serial number of the device)
Version (show software information)

Check "eVic V1.0 introduction and download guidance"

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