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Version: Reset
Post Date: Dec 22, 2012
License: Update
File Size: 64KB
System Requirements
The eVic
Operatiog System Select:
eVic Factory reset code


After upgrading this program, all data will turn to the default Settings. So please upload vapor data into MVR software before upgrading eVic, avoiding data loss.

Sometimes, maybe the factory default settings of your eVic will be reset during upgrading,synchronization time or setting modification.

At this time, you need reset through upgrading factory default program.

We have 2 methods to repair this problem, please open "Factory default guld for eVic" to see details.


When the factory default of eVic is damaged and cannot upgrade normally, e.g. missing information, unstable operation.
please use the reset program to reboot factory setting firstly .

Check"Factory default guide for eVic"

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