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Introduction:The eMode C2 atomizer head is the second generation Joyetech atomizer head, which uses new, advanced technology to deliver more vapor compared with the original C atomizer head used in the eGo-C and eGo-CC.

Diameter: 9mm
The eMode C2 atomizer head is designed to be used with variable batteries, so that maximum efficiency and service life with the eMode will be achieved.
The original C atomizer head absorbs e-liquid using the cartrige, while the C2 atomizer head is surrounded by the e-liquid in the atomizer tube. The liquid flows in at a constant, high speed, allowing the eMode to produce vapor faster. In addition, it will prevent vaping once e-liquid runs out.
The assembly of the atomizer head has been overhauled. In lieu of the traditional thread-type atomizer head, the C2 atomizer head adopts a slot-type, which is easier to assemble and won't get stuck in the tube.
How to replace:
1. Unscrew the atomizer base from the atomizer tube.
2. Simply twist the atomizer head clockwise and pull it out.
3. Insert a new one and twist it counter-clockwise to lock it into the slot.

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