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510 PCC(Portable Charging Case)
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:
$24.99  USD (Ex.VAT)
€21.63 EUR (In.VAT)
¥2540 JPY (Ex.VAT)
zł84.29 PLN (In.VAT)


●510 65 PCC standard equipment:
1300mAh lithium battery, Mini USB standard charge
port outside, 510/510-T battery charging port inside
●Theoretically, it can provide charge for five 220mAh
510 batteries
●it can hold one atomizer, two 510/510-T cartridge and
one 510-65 system battery

Universal accessories:
● 510 65,510-T 65 batteries
  The 510/510-T 65 PCC is of the latest high
technology for users who will never worry
about low battery when you are out. And it
is convenient for you can carry cartridges
and atomizer as well.
You can open the PCC by pressing the button
on the side. You can charge batteries by
connecting PCC to USB cable or just by PCC
if the PCC is fully charged.
  USB cable charger can be
connected to PC, wall
adaptor and car charger.