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eGo PCC(Portable Charging Case)
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:
$39.99  USD (Ex.VAT)
€34.61 EUR (In.VAT)
¥4069 JPY (Ex.VAT)
zł134.79 PLN (In.VAT)


● eGo PCC standard equipment:2000mAh
lithium battery , Mini USB standard charge
port outside, eGo battery charging port inside.
● Theoretically, it can provide charge for three
650mAh eGo batteries
● it can hold one e-cigarette(without cartridge),
one eGo battery,one dedicated 10ml liquid
bottle and two cartridges

Universal accessories:
●eGo/eGo-T 650mAh standard battery
  The eGo/eGo-T PCC combines the latest Technology in portability and reliability for users who never again want to be caught without a fully charged battery and a safe means of carrying their liquid and spare batteries.
The Case has an internal Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery (2000mAh), allowing the user to charge while on the move with much convenience..