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eGo-CC Verdampfer (Auswechselbarer Clearomizer)
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:
$13.49 USD (Ex.VAT)
€11.69 EUR (In.VAT)
¥1372 JPY (Ex.VAT)
zł45.59 PLN (In.VAT)


  Product Introduction:
Joyetech eGo-CC clearomizer lasts the
characteristics of traditional eGo-C. And
the upper air inlet eliminates the risk of
leakage at the bottom. eGo-CC adopts
the classic Joyetech changeable atomizer
  Transparent liquid window

It is named eGo-CC because it features with
"changeable" atomizer head and "clear" liquid
The transparent window is the highlight of
eGo-CC. From which, the liquid volume is
quite intuitive.
The surface of eGo-CC is smooth to the touch,
as the seamless connection makes the liquid
window a part of the tube.
  Changeable atomizer head

The changeable atomizer head is the core of
eGo-CC, equipped with inner ceramic base,
which concentrates the calorific value in
providing better vapor. Quite small and easy
to replace, the atomizer head is economical
and practical.
Upper air inlet without leakage at the bottom

The air inlet of eGo-CC is on top of the atomizer,
which allows the air flows in and out from the
upside. It solves the problem of leakage at the


Compatible with all eGo series batteries.