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The Mega charger
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:
$13.99 USD (Ex.VAT)
€12.19 EUR (In.VAT)
¥1423 JPY (Ex.VAT)
zł47.48 PLN (In.VAT)


  The Mega charger is specially designed for the convenience of charging battery of e-cigarette, especially when users lose their USB cable charger of e-cigarette. It is delicate and easy to carry. Two components: direct current adapter and USB cable. You shall assemble them together to charge your lithium-battery.  
1. Delicate and easy to carry
2. Classic and simple
3. Energy-efficient and environmental
4. 800mAh sufficient current
5. It takes less time to quick charge battery.
6. It can charge nearly all kinds of lithium-battery.

Standard configuration:
1* DC adapter(direct current adapter)
1* USB Cable
DC Adaptor:
Input:DC 5V 1A
Output:DC 4.2V 800mA
    The LED blinks red when charging
and will turn to green when fully
  It is a direct current adapter. The wonder lies in its adjustable spring, it can hold different sizes of battery. The handle of the spring is the negative electrode of the power supply. The positive electrode is on the other side, which is out of spring area. With no doubts that it should be charged with its dedicated USB cable or wall adapter.