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Joyetech eVic control head
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:
$67.50 USD (Ex.VAT)
€57.99 EUR (In.VAT)
¥6865 JPY (Ex.VAT)
zł225.90 PLN (In.VAT)


  eVic  control head is the brain of the
eVic, and it can be operated
through thededicated system
---eVic program.
    With high safety and stability, eVic control head brings the strong reliability to
users. The introduction of the idea of human-machine interaction also makes
users acquire more information and get better understanding about eVic.
  eVic visual operating system
  project   function  
      The current puff number  
      The rest of puff number under the
current output voltage and atomizer
      The current battery output voltage  
      Decrease the battery output voltage(with
0.1V decrease progressively, the minimum
is 3.0V)
      Increase the battery output voltage (with
0.1V increase progressively, the maximum
is 5.0V)
      The percentage of lithium battery remaining
power ( with 1% decrease progressively)
      Battery power symbol  
      High temperature warning sign (when eVic
temperature reaches 35 ℃, the thermome-
ter sign will appear and flash on screen;
it shows the device is overheating.)
  Set Puff
                  Select "Set Puff", you can set the numbers to limit your puffs.
When setting "0000", it means that puff number is unlimited.
    Reset Puff
                  Select "Reset Puff" and click enter button to the third
menu: The current screen shows"000".
  Total Puff
                  Select "Total Puff" and click enter button to show the
total puff.
    Temp ℃
                  Select "Temp ℃" and click enter button
to show the current temperature of device.
  When eVic temperature reaches 35 ℃, the
thermometer sign will appear and flash on screen;
it shows the device is overheating, please continue
to vapor after disappearing of thermometer sign.
            Select “Version” and click enter button to show software version for this device.
The latest eVic V2.0 software……
  Main menu:  
    Legend   Menu screen   function  
        Power on
Power off
  Turn on the device
Turn off the device
        Sleep   Lock the system  
        Power set:   Power set:  
  Select battery capacity
Select output power
Exit the submenu
        Standby   Standby  
  Select the showing time on display
Select the standby time about system
        Calendar   Calendar  
        Show Time
Set Time
Set Date
Set Year
  Show the current time
Set Time
Set Date
Set Year
Exit the submenu
        Puff Info   Puff Information  
        Set Puff
Reset Puff
Total Puf
  Set the current maximum puff
Reset the current puff
Show the total puff
Exit the submenu
        Device   Device  
        Atomizer Ω
Temp ℃
User Info
Series No
  Show the current atomizer resistance
Show the current temperature of this
Show the current user info
Show the series number of this device
Show software version for this device
Exit the submenu
        Exit   Exit the main menu  
            menu choose down up