During the upgrade will pop up a choice box, letting you choose the firmware version, V1.1 or V2.1. V1.1 is same as the previous V1.0, V2.1 is a simplified Homescreen version. These two versions only has a different UI.

Compare V1.1 with V1.0, upgrade is made in:
In the main interface, when you adjust the voltage or wattage through turning the 360°regulation ring towards one direction 3 times in quick section, it will enter AUTO mode, decrease or increase voltage/wattage 4 times every second. (clockwise to decrease, counterclockwise to increase) Once again, 5 times every second. If still one more time, then 10 times every second. (0.1 V / 0.1 W as a unit) Press the enter button to choose the voltage/wattage you want.
Compare V2.1 with V1.0,new functions are:
a. Bigger font, more clear
b. With the device off, power on the e-cigarette will enter the main interface directly.
c. VV mode: same as the V1.1
d. VW mode: adjust the wattage through turning the regulation ring towards one direction 3 times in quick section, it will enter AUTO mode. The device will select 0.1W as a unit to decrease or increase the wattage. Again, 0.5W as a unit. Once more, 1.0W as a unit. Similarly, press the enter button to choose the wattage you want.
Specification of V2.1 main interface:
shows battery power, vaping mode and atomizer resistance value. The previous Homescreen menu is not available any more.
In VV mode: shows the current voltage and temperature/current wattage
In VW mode: shows the current wattage and temperature/current voltage
In RVV/RVW mode: shows the corresponding graph
Mode selection: Press the button 3 times in quick section, operate the regulation ring clockwise or counterclockwise to select the mode you want.

1. Once finish the upgrade, when you power on the device, the main interface may show the blurred screen. If it occurs, take the battery out and reassemble it, the problem will be away when you power on the device again.

2. During the upgrade, the following behavior is forbidden:
a. Operate the button and regulation ring.
b. Disconnect the USB cable.

3. If some emergencies break off the upgrade or make the upgrade a failure. You can try to enter the safe mode to upgrade. Please do as follows to enter safe mode:
a. Separate the control head from battery tube, keep pressing the button and then connect it (the control head) to your computer.
a. Usually myVapors™ can recognize the device and at this time, you are able to upgrade device firmware to the V1.1/V2.1.