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  • New arrival eGo-CC comes out!
  Reg. Date 2013-08-18 15:00:00 Hit 73034
Dear all,
We are excited to tell you a piece of good news! Our new product eGo-CC comes into being.
eGo-CC is a fire-new design on the basis of traditional eGo-C. To the people who have used eGo-C before, eGo-CC must bring you a fantastic new vapor experience. Also, eGo-CC will satisfy all our customers due to its advanced design and technology, which is more practical and innovative than normal clearomizer.
eGo-CC is a kind of clear atomizer, whose highlight is the transparent liquid window. And the upper air inlet eliminates the risk of leakage at the bottom. The atomizer head of eGo-CC is Joyetech classic atomizer which is changeable. Also, it is compatible with all the batteries of eGo series.
Features as below:
1. Upper air inlet without leakage
2. Transparent liquid window
3. Changeable atomizer head
For more detailed information, please visit
Joyetech Marketing Department
August 16, 2013
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