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  • New arrival eCom-C comes out!
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Dear All,

Good news for Joyetech customers that we will release a new type of product called eCom-C. It adopts the essences of eCom, but owns its innovations: Seven colors for your choice: black, pink, red, purple, blue, silver, white; Two kinds of battery thread, one for 510 and the other for eGo.

There are three types of atomizer, the first is Type A: all metal construction with glass window; second is Type B: all glass e-juice window; and last is Type C: widespread radian appearance. All the types are assembled with atomizer C2 head, which can bring a heavy vapor and interesting experience.

Two models of battery for choice: one is eCom-C Twist and the other is eCom-C battery. Both of them have three capabilities: 650mAh, 900mAh, and 1300mAh. The batteries use high technology, including 3.5V constant voltage output and variable voltage output, battery charge indication, low battery warning, short circuit protection and ensures continuous working of atomizers.

Above all, eCom-C is a star product which combines elegant color and design. To some extend, it is an art match with exquisite appearance and metallic material. You can enjoy the special feel in your hand. Welcome to experience the fashion design.

Joyetech Marketing
May 21th, 2014
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