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  • Joye510CC is launched!
  Reg. Date 2014-04-29 00:00:00 Hit 18762
Dear All,

Joyetech releases a new type of product called Joye510CC which contains the 510’s fashionable and tactile appeal but more powerful features.

The Joye510CC features a sleek, slim design. Its total length is 136.5mm (150mAh) and 161.5mm (280mAh). And it is 9.2mm in diameter. There are seven colors are available for your option: silver, matte black, matte white, pearl pink, purple, light blue and bright red.

The Joye510CC can be charged from the bottom side so that you can take puffs when it’s being charged. It uses C1 atomizer head that the production technology is mature and stable.

In addition, it adopts the transparent e-juice window .The visible design of the e-juice window is more convenient for you to know the condition of e-juice.

We hope that you will enjoy a brand new experience with the Joye510CC.

Joyetech Marketing
April 29th, 2014
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