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  • myVapors™ software has been released!
  Reg. Date 2014-04-18 08:00:00 Hit 9244
Dear All,

In order to cater the development of Joyetech products, we release a new software-myVapors which is compatible with eVic supreme, eVic and eMode.
myVapors supports only English language same as eVic supreme. However, the colorful operation interface make the vapor life lively and easily.

In addition, it is added more practical functions as follows:
1.Quickly view of the vapor data in the homepage.
2.Import pictures to eVic supreme from PC function.
3.Reset function including options of normal (reset settings) and factory (reset to factory status).
4.More convenient operation on puff time, date time, V/W ohm battery, alarm time and alarm in HomeScr.
5.Boot password setting function.

Don’t hesitate to experience the brand new operation feeling.

Joyetech Marketing
April 18th, 2014
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