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Dear all,

Are you searching a new flavor of e-juice? Have you already been sick of existing flavors? Don’t worry, Joyetech researched and developed a new series of flavor, called “Ice series”.

Yeah! These are Strawberry mango Ice, Black Currant Ice, Watermelon Ice and Pineapple Ice. Similar to the fruit series, these e-juice are highly acclaimed owing to good taste and natural freshness. You can smell foody and fruity while vapring. But it may surpass your favorite flavor of of any other fruity flavors because you can feel some cold things are hitting your tongue and throat, that is the “Ice”. One inhale and it’ll be like winter in your mouth: bundle up because it’s about to get chilly.

You are the heart of the bursts of it? Why not, welcome to our customers to purchase.

Joyetech Marketing Group
Mar.31, 2014
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