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  • What is Atomiezer C2 Head?
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Currently, more and more batteries of variable voltage come into being, which seems to be the mainstream of the development of e-cigs. To cater to this new fashion of batteries, Joyetech specially designed the second generation of Joyetech atomizer head—the Atomizer C2 Head. It is the first and unique atomizer head in the world that can work under variable voltage.

1.Atomizer C2 head adopts new advanced technology. It is immersed in the e-juice while using, so you can reach heavy vapor in a short time. Also, it will prevent vaping once e-juice runs out, which lengthens the service life as well.

2.With the resistance of 2.4 ohm, atomizer C2 head can work under high voltage. The e-juice will be fully vaporized under high volatage, which provides better vaping experience.

Compared to the traditional Joyetech atomizer C head that used in eGo-C and eGo-CC, atomizer C2 head is suitable for all the voltage variable batteries in the market. What' more, all the new voltage variable batteries of Joyetech in the future will be developed on the basis of the atomizer C2 head. In other words, atomizer C2 head must be the development tendency of Joyetech.

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October 15, 2013
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