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No. Subject Reg. Date
40Russia Consumer Electronics Expo Notice 2011-08-17
39Warning of fake eGo or JOYE5102011-08-17
38Joyetech Products STATEMENT 2011-08-17
37AGREEMENT (Exclusive rights to sell Joye Technology"s products in Korea )2011-08-17
36Joyetech eGo new products STATEMENT and WARNING2011-08-17
35Judge Orders F.D.A. to Stop Blocking Imports of E-Cigarettes From China 2011-08-17
34FDA smoke screen on e-cigarettes 2011-08-17
32Electronic Cigarettes: Socially Acceptable, or Totally Taboo?2011-08-17
31New electronic cigarette 2011-08-17
30It"s here ...the electronic cig that claims to be healthy2011-08-17
29The increasing popularity of "electronic cigarettes" is causing concern in Britain. 2011-08-17
28Electronic cigarettes spark health row 2011-08-17
27E-cigarette to promote smoke free environment 2011-08-17
26Pub uses electronic cigarettes to beat the smoking ban 2011-08-17
25Pub offers smokers an electronic cigarette (25/09/2008 : 14:34:27)2011-08-17
24Cyber-Smoke: The Emergence of the E-Cigarette as an Alternative2011-08-17
23Brewery to allow black and blue e-cigarettes 2011-08-17
22New Mini Electronic Cigarette With Most Advance Technology2011-08-17
21Love is in the air..but is it ok to fly?2011-08-17
20Electronic cigarettes exempt from smoking ban 2011-08-17
19 Ruyan America to Introduce New Ruyan Vegas(R) Freestyle E-cigar at Premium Cigar Trade Show in Las Vegas2011-08-17
18Editorial: Smoking ban creates new problems in the downtown 2011-08-17
17Electronic cigarettes could be the saviour of pubs 2011-08-17
16Electronic cigarette helps people stop smoking2011-08-17

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