EjuiceE-cigarettes are filled with ejuice, a liquid that comes in a number of flavors. Simply choose a flavor based on your taste. Ecigs are not like regular cigarettes that leave a tobacco aftertaste in your mouth. Choose from the excellent range of fun flavors at Joyetech and make your vaping experience more exciting.  

Ejuice: Propylene Glycol versus Vegetable Glycerin
Switching to electronic cigarettes might just be the best way for you to cut down on your smoking habit and adopt a healthier way to get your nicotine fix. E cigarettes are becoming more mainstream as people discover the many benefits of vaping over traditional smoking. Electronic cigarettes use ejuce or e-liquid, which contain nicotine, a liquid base, and other ingredients that enhance the vaping experience. E liquids typically have either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin bases, both of which are nontoxic solutions derived from organic compounds.
If you are deciding on a better base for your ejuice, consider the difference between the two solutions. PG-based e-liquid is more popular because propylene glycol is thinner in consistency, thus runnier and more easily absorbed by cartomizers. This means less gunk build up on your e-cig’s heating element. PG is also tasteless and odorless so it does not alter the e-liquid’s flavor. VG-based e-liquid, on the other hand is considerably thicker and has a slight sweet taste, making your e-liquid sweeter and flavors more difficult to detect. However, the higher consistency helps produce more vapor for enhanced vaping. 
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