Ego TThe Ego T is the perfect starter kit for those who have just discovered e-cigarette smoking. This model comes in a wide range of colors and has an improved tank system. This means you won’t experience leaking and you won’t have to refill too often. To get your own e-cigarette Ego T starter kit, order online from Joyetech today.  

A revolutionary e cig, eGo T is best known for its unique e juice filling system. Typical vaping tanks use cartridges with in-built fillers inside. These fillers hold the e juice and deliver it to the vaping mechanism. The eGo T eliminates the need for a filler, which makes it easier to refill and a more sanitary choice than old e cig versions. This particular type of e cigarette uses a clear tank where the e juice is visible. The elimination of the cartridge also results in a purer and cleaner taste.
Joy eTech's eGo cig model T is a second-generation model and a step in the right direction towards more revolutionary e cigarettes. Joy eTech is a leading e cig manufacturer offering innovative vaporizer designs for vapers. eGo T's revolutionary filling system is the best of its kind, featuring a sealed tank unit that prevents constant dripping and cartridge filling. 
This eGo model uses a 650mAh manual battery that allows superior levels of safety, high-capacity, and good magnification, which makes it a convenient choice for heavy users. This powerful battery will give you at least 6 hours of extensive vaping experience. The large tanks can hold 1 to 2 ml liquids, which allows for excellent smoking gratification. Starter kits are also available in a long list of colors to fit all tastes.

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