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Ecig Mods: Box Mod Basics
There is still plenty of debate over what the term mod encompasses when it comes to vaping devices. Generally speaking, ecig mods are modified vaporizers or e cigs that have been altered in design or tuning in one way or another. Compared to a typical pen-style e-cigarette or vaping device, a mod is often larger, with differently sized or removable and/or rechargeable batteries. Mechanical mods are very popular because they look great, are easy to operate and have the ability to accommodate powerful atomizers. 
Tube-shaped ecig mods usually forgo wires and other typical electronic components that may trip up and bottleneck power. One downside to this is the user’s lack of control in regulating power directly from the devices battery. This is why box mods are popular. Box mods are shaped nothing like traditional cigars, giving them more space for additional components like digital screens, variable power control, fused protection, and many other modifications. 
Joy E Tech’s e-grip box mod is one of the best of its kind in the market, featuring a 1.5ohm atomizer head that can hold as many as 3.6ml of e-juice. Joy E Tech is a premier manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, mods, and accessories, including ecig supplies like flavored e-juices that are guaranteed safe for use. All products they manufacture are derived from years of study and research, ensuring quality.

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