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E Liquid Advantages
Electronic cigarettes have been gaining popularity over the past years. This is largely because e cigarettes are deemed healthier than traditional tobacco smoking. E cigs deliver nicotine via e liquid or vape juice. This juice carries nicotine, among other substances, as well as flavorings that turn to vapor and are inhaled through the vaporizer. In addition to eliminating “smoking” from the equation, e liquid offers a long list of other advantages like:
• Flavor variations. E juice comes in a number of different flavors that help enhance the vaping experience and leave a pleasant taste in the mouth rather than a nasty aftertaste.
• Clean fingers. Vaping fingers are free from the yellow stains smokers often get from smoking tobacco.
• Odor-free. E juice is virtually odor free during vaporization. The odor it produces is generally pleasant and usually only come from the flavorings added to the mixture.
• Cheaper. Vaping juice is generally cheaper than tobacco. 
• Toxin-free. Finally, e juice is free from the nasty toxins and chemicals that tobacco products introduce to the body through smoking.
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