E CigarettesSome experts say that E Cigarettes are just as bad as or even worse than regular cigarettes. This of course depends on the type and quality of e-cig that is used. Unpatented e-cigs and copy cats are usually made of low-quality materials with questionable safety. For high-quality e-cigs, be sure to purchase from Joyetech. We also carry a line of e-juices.

E Cigarettes: Modern Nicotine Delivery Systems
Electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes are electronic nicotine delivery systems and appealing alternatives to tobacco smoking in order to introduce nicotine to the body. They are battery-operated devices that are mainly designed to deliver nicotine along with other flavorings and relatively harmless chemicals to users in vapor form instead of smoke. Electronic cigarettes were traditionally manufactured to resemble typical tobacco cigarettes, pipes, or cigars although makers today design them to look like everyday items like pens, USB sticks, and other trendy forms. 
With more than 250 different electronic cigarette brands on the market today, it is not surprising how many models and makes of modern e cigarettes are also available for users. Hardcore vapers even have the freedom to modify their own devices and make changes to enhance their vaping experience. Electronic cigarettes are marketed as a safer alternative to ordinary tobacco products, although studies have yet to prove the real benefits of their use over the traditional nicotine delivery system that smoking tobaccos offer.
Joy E Tech is a great source of high quality e cig products and information about vaping. The company is a premier manufacturer and distributor of an entire range of electronic cigarette technologies, devices, and accessories, including e-juices and liquids. Joy E Tech is one of the best places to turn to for all your vaping needs.
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