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E cig mods are mostly used by experienced vapers. If you are looking for e-cigarette mods, just shop at Joyetech, where we have an excellent range of e-cigarettes that come in different styles. We also carry a wide range of e-juices in different flavors to suit your taste. Quit real cigarettes today and switch to ecigs.  

E Cig Mods: Building a Pimped Out E Cig
To hardcore vapers, cig-a-likes (really, old-style electronic cigarettes from years past) is like Atari compared to their tricked out, custom gaming powerhouse that is a modified e cigarette. E cig mods are more than just decked out electronic cigarettes. In most cases, they under power pre-made kits as avid mod-makers tinker with their device's engineering and overall design, from the cartridges to the atomizers, wicking materials, and other components that they can tweak and change to create a better, more powerful unit that supercharges their vaping experience.
As tinkering of e cig mods got more extreme, electronic cigarette manufacturers responded to the demand of consumers by providing mod kits in addition to their starter kits so that more vapers can have the pleasure of modifying their own devices to their own liking. These mods are basically custom designed e cigs that are tweaked and made to the user's liking.
Joy E Tech is one of the earliest adopters of the modding subculture within the vaping community. Most products and ecig series from Joy E Tech offer changeable components to help you modify and customize your e cigarette to your own liking. The company is a leading manufacturer and a premier provider of electronic cigarette technologies and innovative products for the ever expanding vaping community and for people looking for healthier ways to get their nicotine fix.

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