E Cig Juice

One of the biggest differences between a regular cigarette and an e-cigarette is the taste. At Joyetech, you can easily find an e cig juice that will suit your taste. Stick to one or try them all. There are dozens to choose from. Want something sweet? Try our desert series. Fancy something minty? Try our herb series. Or maybe you just want plain old cigarette flavor? We have that, too. Check out our tobacco series.  

E Cig Juice: What's in Your E Cig?
The e cig juice or e-liquid is the very essence of your electronic cigarette. This is the solution that gets heated up and vaporized by your vape pen. It is what you inhale as aerosol and it contains common ingredients like propylene glycol, water, glycerin, flavorings, and most importantly, nicotine. 
Glycerin is what makes up the bulk of your e cig juice. It is the base substance that makes up 80 to 90 percent of e-juices. The remaining 10 to 20 percent is divided between other substances, including distilled water, which is often used to dilute the mixture. E-juice flavors are among the main things that make electronic cigarettes unique. Hundreds of e-juice flavors now exist, as opposed to the very limited flavors of traditional tobacco products. Flavors range from classic to novelty, such as cherry, cinnamon, tobacco, and even cocktails and cheesecake. Many of these flavoring chemicals are the same stuff that goes into food flavorings. 
Joy E Tech not only offers a plethora of electronic cigarette and vaping devices, but also produces an entire range of flavored and unflavored electronic cigarette juices. The company offers some of the most interesting e juice flavors in the market including, classic tobacco series and flavors derived from fruits. Joy E Tech is likewise engaged in the research and production of vaping juice flavors.

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