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  • MVR V1.4 has been released!
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Dear all,

To cater for the development of our products, our MVR software is updated time after time. Today, we are glad to say that our new version MVR V1.4 is coming. Compared to the previous version, we add some new functions as below:

Connect ecig interface:
1. Backup Settings, to backup your new settings in the computer;
2. Import Settings from PC, to import your backup settings into your ecig;
3. Reset, to reset date and settings in ecig, including options of normal (reset settings) and factory (reset to factory status).

Vapor set interface:
In HomeScr, both sides contain puff time, date time, V/W ohm battery, alarm time and alarm puff six options.

Configuration interface:
Inverse, to inverse color of LED to improve outdoor display.

myVapors interface:
Energy, the parameter for evaluation and statistics.

Besides, MVR V1.4 is added a new language version in Greek. Hereby we would like to sincerely appreciate Panos Efstathiou for his technical support on our MVR in Greek.

Click to download MVR 1.4

Joyetech Marketing Department
August 17, 2013

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