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  Reg. Date 2013-07-13 08:55:12 Hit 9188
Dear all,
In order to cater users we have designed a new type of charger named the Mega charger, which contains direct current adapter and USB cable .
Features as below:
1. Delicate and easy to carry
2. Classic and simple
3. Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
4. 800mAh high-capacity
5. quick charge with less time.
6. nearly fit for all kinds of lithium-battery.
Here we want to sincerely appreciate for all your supports and praises, especially for those who have donated their enthusiasm and suggestions to the development of our products.
We hope that The Mega charger would bring you more convenience and give you a easy life.

Go to check the details of the Mega charger

Joyetech Marketing Department
May.15, 2013
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